I will draw you as a chibi and send it as a gift

draw you as a chibi and send it as a gift

About This Gig

How kawaii is this?
          A chibi, or an adorable version of an anime character, provides a dash of "interesting" in your world. And now... the traditionally-drawn chibi can be a tiny you.
          The chibi itself will be...
  • Fully-colored with color pencils, outlined in markers and pens by me.
  • Full body, head to toe. If the photo isn't so, I will improvise and draw the rest of the body.
  • 4-7 inches in height.
  • Almost, if not exactly, like ONE person in a provided reference photo.
  • Drawn on normal white paper. (Cut-out if you've ordered the Gig Extra((which I do not have the capability of so, sorry!))).

          The shipment will include...
  • Your chibi on paper.
  • Your untouched reference photo.
  • Description if you've provided one.
          I hope to draw and send you... well... you!

Order Details

4 days delivery