I will plan a dinner party menu for you

Great experience - Katie was a delight to deal with. Thank You.
Reviewed by lesjoneswales 10 months ago
plan a dinner party menu for you

About This Gig

Having friends over, but you don't know what to cook? Don't worry! Let CraftyGirl plan the menu for you. I'm Katie (aka, CraftyGirl), and I'm a professionally trained chef. I graduated with my Culinary Arts degree in 2009 and I love planning menus! Whether it's a casual gathering, or a formal affair, I can put together a menu that's sure to wow your guests.

You'll get...

  • An appetizer recipe
  •  Entree with sides recipes
  • Dessert recipe
  • Wine suggestions, based on the menu.

...all catered to YOUR cooking abilities! Whether you're an expert or you're just starting out, I'll make sure the recipes are something that you can easily accomplish that will WOW your guests!

If you'd like a menu for a special occasion or are seeking recipes for a crowd, feel free to send me a message and we can work on a custom order together!

Don't delay! Let CraftyGirl take the hassle out of menu planning for you, for a LOW price of only $5!