I will give u the best email marketing bulk sender software

give u the best email marketing bulk sender software

About This Gig

I will give you this exclusive bulk mail sender software that will allow you to send unlimited emails to multiple recipients at once. If you have a large mail list and need to send out new info to your clients about new offers, new services or even a new business then this will do the job for your Email Marketing.

Whats good about this tool is that you can save your messages as templates, so no need to keep re-writing you message or ad to new clients, Just open up one of your saved templates and select the mail list you want, then send.

This tool shows you all the emails that were sent in the list and the ones that failed so you will have a record of who didn’t receive the message. It also lets you know if an email address is invalid or not and will give you the option to delete it from the list if you choose to. This software works by using SMTP settings from your mail provider. For info some mail providers only allow you to deliver certain amounts of mails a day, so it is best to check with them on your limit or you can  upgrade your account with them to send unlimited mails.

This software works on Windows 7,8, and 10, No Mac.

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4 days delivery

Bulk email sender tool

Send hundreds of mails at once.