I will develop your business plan and market strategy

develop your business plan and market strategy

About This Gig

Advise on the development and preparation of plans and events, development and construction of your company or project. In this study the evaluation of statistical and financial, social, economic and political data is included, to make a successful bid taking into account all these elements that can affect more or less our business.

What will develop?

  • Build objectives, estraregias and operational plan 
  • Creating business plan and market research. 
  • preparation of financial plan. 
  • Construction of positioning strategy and event planning.

Gig basic: Consulting the status of the organization or individual,creating market research, objectives, strategies and plan of action. (It includes slide presentation)

Note: It is important to contact for message before bidding, to send the card which must complete its objectives. thus obtaining better results development is facilitated. Otherwise it will cancel the order.

Order Details

2 days delivery