I will revamp your LinkedIn Profile

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revamp your LinkedIn Profile

About This Gig

LinkedIn is a powerful business network that you can -- and should -- leverage. 

Sadly, most people don't use its full potential, letting new business opportunities and resourceful connections escape. 

You can change that today!

Note: This gig applies to existing LinkedIn pages, if you'd like to create one from scratch feel free to request a custom order and I will gladly assist you. 

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Basic $5 gig ideal for editing a single section and proofreading.

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I get if I order the $5 basic gig?
    That gig is a basic service, it covers a single-section editing. It's ideal for clients who just want a new summary.
  • I want all my LinkedIn profile to be edited and revamped, is that possible?
    Yes. You can purchase gig extras according to your needs. There are extras that include "login and change" as well as "full profile editing" that includes the editing of all sections as well as small details such as your profile picture, background image and headlines.
  • Do you use the same style to edit all profiles?
    No. Every person is different, I always try to capture the personality of my clients and use it to write the content for their profiles. Depending on the circumstances and the goals of each client I will also change the style, I can't use the same style for an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist.