I will psychically Channel Power Animal for Personal Development

psychically Channel Power Animal for Personal Development

About This Gig

Discover your Power Animal and spiritual helper whose energy exists to support you in your life journey.

Animals make themselves known to us for a number of reasons, perhaps you've yet to discover yours, which is where I can help.

For instance, animals serve as reminders to pass on their qualities to what energies we need for support in our lives, and for a specific time. Given your personal circumstance, you may well see how this relates to you.

So spirit animals can help remind you how to approach situations or life in general.

All for the highest good, I channel power animals by enetring into a trance, and I see their face appear to me. I tune into their messages, which I pass on to you.

An initial gig will cover what your spirit animal is at this time and a brief summary of what they portray for you.

If you'd like a drawing of your spirit animal, please order my GIG Extra, special price for a limited time.

Feel free to ask questions and place an order.

All the best and look forward to your order!

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