I will help you reach the Kickstarter super backers

help you reach the Kickstarter super backers

About This Gig

Averagely, 40% of backers from successful projects are super backers who regularly visit Kickstarter and peruse through projects in their favorite categories.  Knowing where to find the serial backers will definitely increase your chance to succeed !!! 

I will provide you a ultimate list of over 150 Kickstarter  super backers  in any Kickstarter category (who've backed > 20 projects). Each contact include their names,  Kickstarter profile,Facebook URL, and Twitter URL if available.

The gig allows you to:
  • Save lots of time and money doing the research yourself for the right audience 
  • Get to know who are your potential backers and their interest to create other lookalike audiences

It's accumulated from my experience working with different crowdfunding projects over the last 10 years. It's list of real backers who regularly spending money on crowdfunding projects. Message me for an example list of 5 contacts. I guarantee it is the most economical and effective PR support you can find for your crowdfunding project. 


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2 days delivery

150 Kickstart !

List of 150+ Kickstarter super backers

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