I will send you Targeted Email Leads Software

send you Targeted Email Leads Software

About This Gig

Why pay hundreds of dollars for the same and outdated lists that are distributed thousands of times when you can create your own TARGETED LEADS IN MINUTES?

With this amazing software anyone can create their own fresh, targeted mailing lists by keywords and location in minutes.

Yes, they are always targeted, always fresh and always yours with no limit. You can create thousands of leads in minutes.

Any business, anytime, anywhere in the WORLD!

I will send you  this unbelievable software so that you can create your own email lists from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Reddit, Yahoo and more.

IMPORTANT: Currently this program works on PC only. Mac version has not been developed yet. So, it will not work on Apple, Ipad, Iphone.

BONUS: You will also receive instructional video that would help you to maximize your sales.

Perfect for insurance agents, realtors, sales people, managers, small businesses, online stores or anyone who wants daily, qualified leads.

Order today and start generating your lists today.

No refunds, cancellations, returns after you receive your order. 

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