I will transcribe your Audio and Video recordings to Ebook

transcribe your Audio and Video recordings to Ebook

About This Gig

 ****** Transcription Expert*******
It has come to my notice that several people have ideas that they will like to have in printable forms. Some of these ideas may have been written down or recorded. I am here to transcribe, proofread and format those recording to E-book format.

Maybe you are a pastor and you will like to have your messages transcribed so that your brethren can have them in book forms or articles. I will transcribe both your audio and video messages.

You may have even attended or organized a seminar and you the recording to be transcribed for your consumption or distribution, I am here to help.

If you have ideas for books or articles, you can record them and send to me for accurate transcription.

Take advantage of my services today and enter your rest.  

Order Details

7 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions

I will transcribe 25mins

Transcribe and Proofread 25 minutes

  • Proofreading
  • Up to 2 Speakers