I will ask any location in Italy anything you want

ask any location in Italy anything you want

About This Gig

You are in Italy, maybe on vacation. You are hungry, sleepy or you just want to have some informations about a place you've seen, but your italian isn't exactly the best. 
Or maybe you want to write a letter/email to a shop/restaurant or to someone, but you need that letter to be in italian and have the right register and style.

What do you do? Order my GIG!

For just 5$, I will call any kind of shop/restaurant for you and ask for informations, then I will promptly write you here on Fiverr and give you all the answers you wanted. Everything will be done in perfect and detailed Italian, of course.

I can also:

  • make a reservation for you
  • book a hotel/hostel/b&b room
  • write an email/letter or TRANSLATE it