I will draw you in a custom cartoon, chibi, anime art sticker style

draw you in a custom cartoon, chibi, anime art sticker style

About This Gig

NOTE: I do not print these custom stickers and ship it to customers. Only design which are then READY-TO-BE-PRINTED stickers!

If you ever wanted to express yourself (or your loved one) colorful eye-popping designs, I can design the sticker just for you!

Whether you adore the cute works of chibi, amazing anime designs, or really any type of cartoon aesthetic, I can create the ready-to-print decals at an affordable price.

File Size/Dimension:

The native file size is 8x8 inches. 

  • Send a reference picture. (You? A Loved one? A demon?)
  • Provide some description/details if you want to make it even more accurate. (Poses, color you'd love to add, items, etc.)
  • If it is an OC, make sure to be 

I will not draw:
Full on nudity/Sexual themes... but it can be flirty.

RIGHTS: All rights are owned by me, if you do want full rights please refer below. (And make sure to credit me)

Commercial Use:
You will have to pay an extra fee if you wish to use the art for:
  1. commercial, 
  2. promotional, 
  3. endorsement, 
  4. advertising or 
  5. merchandising purposes.

I can make a number of revisions if you're not satisfied,
Any questions? Just give a shout and contact me!

Thank ya!

Order Details

Single Head-shot sticker Portraits

From awesome anime to the sweet minimalist Adventure-Time look. -3 Colors

  • High Resolution
  • Full Body
  • 1 Figure
3 days delivery 2 Revisions