I will proofread 1,500 words and suggest changes

proofread 1,500 words and suggest changes

About This Gig

Who better than a bookworm to check your work? Hi, I'm Cheralyn, I'm English and I read a lot. I am very good at spotting errors in writing, to the point of being pedantic. Let me put that unfortunate personality trait to good use! I can check any computer document you send me (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc), up to 1,500 words (in English) for $5. I will correct errors, spelling and grammar, and suggest changes where possible. For changes more complicated than adding an extra comma or removing a duplicate word, I will make the change and explain why in a comment box. Please feel free to contact me afterwards if you have any questions about the changes I suggest, I will happily explain. Turnaround time is 48 hours, but I will always try to get the job done before this deadline. Image courtesy of nirots at FreeDigitalPhotos

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2 days delivery