I will draw your Pet Portraits in Line Art or Color for $5

/ 29 Days On Average

About This Gig

I generally draw portrait sketches of people but I got into drawing dogs at the request of my friend who works in a Veterinary office for her pooches and a few of their clients. Word spread to her Japanese Chin enthusiast group and I got more requests! I had never done much of it before until then! I decided to give it a shot.

With this gig I am offering to do drawings of YOUR pets!

They can be given as gifts to your friends or family who have a love for animals.

I have done this for people wishing to keep the memory of their lost companion close and dear to them in a special way. The same goes for the ones that are still with them to this day. Pets are a part of our families when we decide to adopt and bring them into our home. We bond and more often than not, it's one that can't be broken!

What better way to do that than to get portrait that you can take and have printed in the way YOU best feel suitable?

See my PDF for more examples.

Please read my buyers instructions before confirming.