I will master 3 of your songs

master 3 of your songs
master 3 of your songs

About This Gig

I am offering to master 3 of your songs for the price of five dollars with the guarantee that they will be delivered back to you in a day or less. This guarantee even covers my gig extra that specifies extra songs. I have experience mixing and mastering my own music which you can listen for yourself if you go to my profile and look at my side project on band camp.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a max length for each track?
    Nope, each can be as long as you wish
  • Can I send you mp3 files?
    Yes, but in order to get the best results, bouncing your track as a lossless wav file is recommended. Mp3 files are compressed and will get rid of some dynamic headroom that is really important to produce a polished master.
  • What do you use to master?
    First I will listen to your song and place it in Logic X. I will make EQ adjustments using plugins made by Waves, as these are the ones I greatly prefer. Once I finish, I'll bounce this newly EQ'ed waveform and import into Ozone 7 which is a mastering suite.
  • Should my track be mixed beforehand?
    If you have no experience mixing, it would be best to have someone with a trained ear fine-tune your mix. But it isn't necessary. If you decide on my gig extra, mastering from stems, I will be able to do some mixing myself before I begin the mastering process.
  • I don't see my question.
    No problem. You can message me and I'll get back to you within a few minutes! (If I'm not asleep that is!)
  • Can I hear examples of your ability to master?
    Yes of course! In my profile I've linked to a side project of mine that I produced myself including all mixing and mastering. If this does not satisfy your curiosity, message me and I will send you a link to some of my other work.