I will provide Complete CROWDFUNDING Documents

provide Complete CROWDFUNDING Documents

About This Gig

"Using crowd_fund's guide, I was able to raise over $15k!
The information he provided was invaluable to our success."

You will get the following:

1) Sample PR Document
2) Crowdfunding Promotion Channels
3) Kickstarter To Dos
4) Indiegogo To Do's
5) Crowdfunding Timeline Checklist Document

I raised over $39,000 in 45 days during my Indiegogo project by Promoting my campaign.

I also raised over $34,000 in 30 days during my Kickstarter project by promoting my campaign. 

I will provide a comprehensive checklist that will show you how to get your project funded and featured on the blogs and websites

I will give you the following for just $5:

  • A detailed checklist to do to make sure you get a minimum funding. 
  • Over 200 website links which can help you get your campaign word out in the public. 
  • A sample MailChimp newsletter of my most successful crowdfunding campaign.
  • A sample of a Highly Successful Crowdfuning PR Document
  • A crowdfunding "Things to Do to get maximum exposure" document

For just $5, you will get 5 documents that can get you upto $30,000 on crowdfunding.