I will record a voice over with male and female voices

record a voice over with male and female voices

About This Gig

Breathe life and energy into your script / audio project – let Chris and I ‘double head’ your script.   Double the quality, double the talent and double the professionalism.

With a heritage in radio broadcasting in the UK (both BBC and IRL) Chris and I will bring our credibility, experience and vocal versatility to your project.  We both have native UK, non regional accents and can pretty much do any style or character voice you need. We can also provide royalty free backing music for an extra fee of $20. 

Between us, Chris and I are working with some of the world’s biggest international brands, we’re passionate about Fiverr as a media gateway and we can’t wait to bring our professionalism to your business.

Trading terms are simple so please check the costs below and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries.

Two voices on Scripts of up to 30 words = $5

For longer scripts contact us for a cost or see the gig extras below. Thanks very much for checking out our gig and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Chris has his own gig page right here  http://fiverr.com/thevoiceoverman

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I provide a proof reading / script editing service?
    Yes, as a native English speaker, I can certainly provide a proof reading service - this is time consuming and comes with a further charge - please contact me with your requirements so that we can arrange a price.
  • Do I provide a video services?
    Yes - I am a fully trained video editor and I can create corporate videos from images and video clips you send me. If your script is to go with a video or a white board animation, I can also add the voice over and music if required - please contact me to discuss your requirements.
  • Can I provide royalty free backing music?
    Yes I certainly can - I have access to a quality music library - tracks are usually $20. Please just let me know what sort of style and pace you are looking for.
  • What audio files types can I provide? And at what encoding rates?
    Usually .WAV or .MP3 is standard. However, if your files are for telephone greetings, I can provide all audio file types to work with telephone systems at specified encoding e.g stereo, mono, various kHz sample rates and bit depths, .aiff or ccit ulaw file extensions. Just let know what you need.
  • What equipment do I use?
    I have a broadcast quality home studio - I voice through a gold diaphragm condenser microphone, through a Xenyx Behringer USB mixer, into my iMac, utilising broadcast industry professional audio editor Adobe Audition and Genelec monitors. All audio files are provided at broadcast quality.
  • Can you deliver faster than two days?
    Yes - I have a gig extra already available for 24 hour delivery - most of the time I can even do same day if required or soon if I'm in the studio - feel free to contact me and if I can do it for you, I will provide a quote for this service