I will do 3 Twitter shares per Day for 7 Days

do 3 Twitter shares per Day for 7 Days

About This Gig

3 Tweets per Day for 7 Days (21+ twitter shares  )  $5  **This account posts entertainment,tech, news, some politics, social media services and has real accounts, not paid ones, this account has been running since 2011.  Any questions send a message.

You will always receive more shares than stated. Within 7 Days you will get over 21 tweets for what ever you like to over 30,000 REAL People- I personally don't like the paid followers-- I rather have followers that's into what I am tweeting - that is why they are following me .

Limitations - What the user will and will not post about.
No porn,Hacking or scams

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7 days delivery

Twitter Shares

Will do Twitter shares by the week or month