I will be Your One on One Poker Coach for $5

/ 1 Days On Average
be Your One on One Poker Coach
be Your One on One Poker Coach

About This Gig

As a professional poker player (who also got coaching) I can easily spot mistakes in your game, mistakes that can cost you a lot of money on the long run.  

It does not matter if you are a veteran or if you are completely new to the game - I am 100% sure that I can help you improve your game so that you can crush your opponents.

Now a little bit about me - I've been playing poker for over 10 years, played many different styles from Razz, 5card draw to Texas Holdem.

Mostly, I Sit and GOs and large tournaments. Also, my speciality is Texas Hold'em Heads-Up Sit and GO.

Price List:

For 5$ I will analyse a few hands and point out any mistakes.

For 10$ you can send me a .txt log (no longer than 100 hands) and I will analyse and point out areas of improvement, better plays in certain situations etc.

For 25$, I will coach you, live, using Skype for 1 hour 

Llimited time offer:
 Purchase 2hours of coaching and get 1 hour Free!

Looking forward to help you improve your game!