About This Gig


Before you order:

1) Choose either our “Standard offer” or "Basic" package

2) Provide a script (provided by client)

3) Get a price quote

(Please do not order until the price is confirmed)


“Standard offer”

($5 every 20 words of script)

  • Presenter
  • 1 static image of a webpage
  • Full HD quality

Extras (adding music, effects, displaying images etc) are NOT included in "Standard offer" and are offered separately

"Basic" Package
(First minute $80; Next minute $70)
  • Presenter
  • Full HD quality
  • Changing presenter's position
  • Adding Images / Videos
  • Music
  • Displaying Contact details
  • Logo


Normal delivery: 5-10 days depending on que and complexity

Extra fast delivery: within 5 days (confirm before ordering)


Our portfolio: https://www.youtube.com/c/connectingvideosproduction

Other packages: fiverr.com/ct_connect

For more presenters, price list or other questions: get in touch

Our team has helped over a 1000 (thousand) businesses worldwide to connect with their audiences. We work with all budgets and make ordering process simple. Get in touch, we are just one message away :)

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