I will provide help in computer and electronics

provide help in computer and electronics

About This Gig

Hi  my name is Christopher, I am a Bachelor's degree holder in Electrical/Electronic Engineering and a  Technology Enthusiast. I have the knowledge, skills to help you in troubleshooting and fixing any issue with your electronics both hardware and software issues ( computers, smartphones, gadgets, home appliances etc) I can also help in your electronics buying guide, projects or researches, provide technical support in any other electronics or computer related task/jobs you need done.

This Is How It Works

  • You just have to provide a detailed information such as descriptions, specifications, documentations, photos, circuit diagrams etc if necessary.

    Ordering this gig gives you access to my do-it-yourself reference book for troubleshooting and fixing common issues that happen everyday with automobiles and engines, computers, smartphones, home appliances and electronic etc. (worth $15)

Contact me first to find out if I can fulfill your order before purchasing this gig.

note that purchasing this gig gives you access for a single tax, for any additional job/task buy this gig again or request for a custom order. Thanks and hoping to work with you.