I will do personal development coaching on skype

do personal development coaching on skype

About This Gig

No matter how much you think that you’ve achieved in your career or life, there is still so much more you are capable of and meant to be. The questions why haven’t you already achieved it and how to go about getting it may have come and gone as a frequent passing thought, and it has bothered you for quite some time.

I will assist to unleash your full potential and give you a one-hour personal development session on Skype for $45.

One hour will cover one of the below-mentioned bullet point topics of your desire.

The complete course will cover: 

  • setting and maintaining goals
  • learning styles and how people process information
  • achieving and maintaining your motivation
  • maintain peak performance
  • how to overcome objections 
  • the meaning of gestures, voice and language
  • how to build trust 
  • ways to refine your self-image to achieve maximum results
  • influencing language and the use of motivating styles
  • improve confidence
  • learning the dynamics of creativity and innovation 
  • the art of good communication

All topics will be utilizing neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

All topics are inclusive of a printable digital copy of a 'certificate of completion'.

Message me for a FREE 'needs assessment' before ordering.