I will help you discover your 3 best career skills

help you discover your 3 best career skills

About This Gig

Discover Your 3 Best Career Skills

~This service is for young adults 16 to 24 years~  

Hire me to discuss how find your 3 best & favourite career skills. Even if you’ve never had a job, you have SKILLS – accumulated through many years of living, experience, and practice.

We’ll discuss by email in what areas your abilities are, and how you can discover your life’s work by using them.


Curious Life Consulting offers one-on-one, individualized sessions via Skype, phone, or email to young adults. Working one-on-one, we build a career and education plans (short or long term) based on your own personality, interests, and strengths and weaknesses. 

Young adults realise that there is pressure for them to have it all figured out once they’ve graduated. Without being sure what or where your place is in the world, you may feel unprepared to take the next steps… whatever they may be!

My Philosophy: 

You need the freedom to pursue your interests, develop strengths, cultivate self-discipline, and discover the joy of learning in life. If you’ve ever felt that school wasn't quite for you; you need some direction, or help finding what you're best at, you’ve come to the right place!

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