I will help you write policies for your etsy shop for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
help you write policies for your etsy shop
help you write policies for your etsy shop

About This Gig

As an etsy shop owner AND an etsy buyer I know how important it can be to have clear, concise, and well-written shop policies.  A shop with poorly written or missing information will often be passed by.

As a crafter, maybe you are excellent in crafting but struggle with putting words to paper(or words to computer).  This is where I can come in.  I love to write, it comes easy and I can help you with this piece so that you have a shop that truly shines and stands out.

For $5 I will help you with either your "ABOUT" section or with Two sections in your shop policies.  You just give me the information regarding what you would like to communicate and I will make it pretty.  :)

Please note I will only work with shops that are family friendly.  NO ADULT CONTENT.

If for some reason I feel that your shop is not a good fit for my gig and/or I am unable to process your order I will promptly refund you.  If you have any questions at all as to the appropriateness of your shop please message me first and I will be happy to look and tell you if I can help.