I will answer your health question

answer your health question
answer your health question
answer your health question

About This Gig

What Can I do For You:

I can answer questions that you still have from your 15 min doctor's visit.

I can give you advise and expertise on nutrition and healthy living.

I can provide you with valuable information about chronic diseases that you or a love one may have.

Why Use My Services:

A typical health expert have only completed a wellness or nutrition certificate program,  but I went through 4 arduous years of medical school.

Other experts out there are charging over 200 dollars, but I'm only charging 5 dollars per medical, health, or nutrition question. Follow up questions pertaining to what you have asked are for free

Here are some things to keep in mind:

If this is an medical emergency, please call 911.

I cannot prescribe clients any medications because I am not licensed or board certified

I can only give clients advice or provide them with educational information. Client still have to see their primary care doctor for accurate diagnosis and treatment

I cannot replace client’s primary care physician

I cannot be held liable for client’s actions or choices. I do not force my clients in any way, I only provide the advice that is needed, and it’s up to them to make a decision

Order Details

1 day delivery unlimited Revisions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take for you to answer my questions?
    It usually takes me less than 24 hours to get you the answer, but you should give me up to 3 days just in case.
  • what if I don't like my answer?
    let me know what you think, and I will make the changes for you. I can also refund you if you are truly unhappy
  • How does this work??
    very simple: 1)click and pay the 5 dollars 2)Message me your question, along with your age, sex, blood pressure, height, and weight 3)receive answer 4)Additional follow up questions based on the question you have paid for are for free 5) give me a 5 star rating, only if I deserve it
  • Can you do my homework?
  • Can you answer questions about relationships and other areas in life?
    Of course I can, I'm a lifestyle consultant. Even though my emphasis are on health, medicine, and nutrition, I am also an expert in relationships, stress management, clothes, fashion, and other aspects of life that is not listed here. If I can't answer it, I will refund you.
  • What if you don't know the answer
    Then I will refund you