I will give you guidance to set up a WiFi Printer

give you guidance to set up a WiFi Printer

About This Gig

WiFi Printers are great.  You can site them anywhere in your office or home that is range of your broadband router.  You can then print from a lap-top, smart phone, tablet or desk-top computer. 

However, in my experience, they are not always easy to set up.  The manufacturer’s instructions are sometimes poor or non-existent.

I will send you a set of practical steps for setting up your WiFi Printer successfully. I will highlight pitfalls and snags to avoid.

I will provide an overall approach that has worked numerous times for me in my capacity as an IT trouble-shooter.

There are hundreds of different makes and models of Wi Fi printers, and they all very slightly in their set up. If you try the steps carefully in my basic guide, and you do not succeed, please let me know and I will try and give further guidance.

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