I will create a video ad for your tshirt design or brand

Thank you, Great work!
Reviewed by jman114 over 1 year ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by jirbo70 over 1 year ago
Sarah over-delivered for the task I put on her. I will certainly be back for more work. I know how to do the video work I just do not have the time. Sarah is very creative.
Reviewed by dreamtexan over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by sushi92 over 1 year ago
create a video ad for your tshirt design or brand
create a video ad for your tshirt design or brand

About This Gig

Did you know that t-shirt campaigns with video ads sells 270% more than regular ads?

That's what it says on teespring university research teams official website.

Everyone around you is making t-shirts now a days. Facebook news feeds are filled with new and new t-shirt ads everyday. How to stand out within all these mess? Promote your new t-shirt with a video and see the difference.

A video showcases the fact that you're serious about your tee business and committed to it. A customer is more likely to buy from an emerging brand than a newbie on teespring

I myself used video ads on facebook to sell my broncos t-shirt and i got amazing result. Ask me for proof.

Usually it costs me around $4 of facebook advertisement to get one sale.
But with using this template to promote the same designs it costed me $1 per sale. I made $500 in profit just by spending $50.

What are you waiting for? Place your order to get your video for your new design and see for yourself.