I will send you a 4 week strength training program and meal plan

send you a 4 week strength training program and meal plan

About This Gig

The 4 week basic strength training program follows the tenets of block periodization. Sets, repetitions, and intensities are prescribed. You select the exercises you wish to focus on and go. It's that simple. The diet plan you will receive includes details on meal planning, food selection, nutrient timing, and weight loss, along with a daily meal outline. This diet and meal plan is tailored to athletes but the information is applicable to everyone no matter what your goals are. You will not find this much information anywhere else on Fiverr for the price, guaranteed. 

Order Details

2 days delivery

General Outline

includes 4 week strength training program and meal outline to meet your goals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you work with general population?
    Yes, I've worked with dozens of people in the general population including older men and women who just want to get stronger and lose weight.
  • Can you design ketogenic diets or intermittent fasting diets?
    Yes, I can design non-traditional diets if you purchase the individualized plan. I do not recommend most non-traditional diets for athletes because they're not optimal for training, but if weight loss is your goal then I can help.