I will accept your tip and be truly grateful

accept your tip and be truly grateful
accept your tip and be truly grateful

About This Gig

If you have received writing or video work from me recently and were pretty impressed by what you got for a humble $5, please consider leaving a tip.

Doing so helps me cover a few expenses like replacing the hard drive in my main work computer, to covering my dog Chico's ongoing veterinary bills. It also allows me helps me stay motivated and take time out to focus a little more on my creative writing. (Don't worry, I'll still be here for orders).

A lot of the people I work for on Fiverr resell work which I produce for $$'s at a time. I don't have a problem with this but there aren't many competent writers like me left on Fiverr who will still create premium quality work for just $5. In fact, some writers now simply outsource work to other sites or charge $5 for 10-20 words.

In this case, a little appreciation goes a long way and even lets me take the bus to the store rather than walking there and back every week.

Even better, to say thanks, I will send you a free epub copy of one of my own creative fiction ebooks.

Please note that there is no service or benefit to you offered with this gig. Orders will be treated as tips only.

Thanks in advance,


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I get for this gig?
    There is no service with this gig. I will send a complimentary .epub version of one of my books for you to read at your leisure but there is no actual service.
  • Why would I leave you a tip?
    As many of my clients know, I often over deliver on orders or spend time revising work FOC. This gig is therefore a way for clients to say thanks :)
  • What does my tip go towards?
    On Fiverr, all of my gigs are cut price compared to many alternatives, especially considering the quality I provide. I'm not a charity, though, and your tip will help me have some much needed time out to relax!