About This Gig

For five bucks, I'll draw you on my sketchbook or draw it on the computer, then email it to you. You can use it for a variety of uses such as for your Facebook profile, signature, or wherever you would use the said image. Just send over a photo and I'll work on it. It is $5 extra if you want it colored--in watercolor if I drew it on my sketchbook, or in photoshop (but nothing complex like airbrush). Otherwise it'll just be lines and grayscale shading. For extra $5, I can add another person with you in the drawing. Extra $5 for a full-body drawing. The size is 600px in length and 72 dpi. However, for extra $5 you can have the original sized image with 300 dpi. If you have multiple people in the image, you can make multiple orders as long as it adds up to the total. If you are looking for something more akin to a caricature, please specify.