I will finish your music with professional Mastering

finish your music with professional Mastering

About This Gig

Get YOUR music LOUD, FULL and PUNCHY ready for release
You can listen to examples here: https://soundcloud.com/enosmusic

Professional Mastering
  • Linear Phase EQ
  • Compression
  • Tonal Shaping
  • Analogue Saturation
  • Stereo Enhancement
  • Multi-Band Limiting
  • Music is mastered to industry (Red Book) standards
  • No presets! Everything will be tailored to what your music needs

Buyer Requirements
  • Send tracks in WAV/AIFF format
  • Use Dropbox / Wetransfer to upload large files (paste download link in the order area)
  • Please remove any effects off the master output and ensure there is no clipping (reduce overall volume if necessary)
Please note, whilst WAV/AIFF format is preferred, high quality MP3's are acceptable.

Fast Delivery
Your final master will be returned to you as a high quality mp3, within 48hrs. For an additional $5 your track will be returned within 24hrs.

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