I will edit your video to make good small films

edit your video to make good small films

About This Gig

I will take you raw footage and edit it into a little movie with the best bits. You could call them small movies.

I can do anything from films to short clips, promotional,commercials, intros, marketing. I will work towards what YOU want. Whether you have a bunch of videos from your holidays, a school project or you need a video edited for professional reasons, I will be your man. 

Some of the thind I can do for you:
- Seam your videos together
- Add text slides
- Add background to green screens
- Perform a perfect audio/video synchronization
- Give a professional look to your amateur clips
- Add transitions 
- Color correction 
- Crop and aspect ratio correction
- Add overlays
- Add 3D text

Contact me for a quote, I will be happy to assist you.