I will write a short childrens story for $5

write a short childrens story
write a short childrens story

About This Gig

Do you want an exciting story to read to your children? Perhaps there is an important lesson or value you'd like to teach your children through storytelling -- whatever you're looking for, I will deliver!

Writing fiction is my passion, and building a portfolio is a top priority for me. You can expect me to treat your story as my own, and you will only receive the highest quality writing from me.

Creativity is key, and I want nothing less than to write a unique and entertaining story that will have your children begging to hear it again! For $5 I will write ANY story that pops into my head (a baby raptor accidentally gets launched into outer space? a giant tennis ball that can't find its way home? teenage pirates searching the open sea for halloween candy?) up to 500 words. For an extra $5, I will take whatever special request you have -- maybe you want it to be a story about a polar bear learning to survive amongst its changing climate, or maybe you want your child to learn about the consequences of stealing -- and I will turn it into a 500 word story

Each additional 500 words will be an additional $5.

Please send me a message BEFORE ordering so we can discuss the details.