I will sing Happy Birthday like Whitney Houston

sing Happy Birthday like Whitney Houston

About This Gig

If your looking for a great singer with a wide range to sing happy birthday like Whitney Houston, then look no further. My name is Diane. I am a professional singer, songwriter, and vocal coach with over 15 years of experience singing different genre such as gospel, jazz, contemporary, blues, classical (opera), and r&B. I have been honored to grace the stage of many events such as festivals, weddings, conferences, fashion shows, stadiums, musicals plays both nationally & internationally.  Music is my passion & what better way then to share it with the world.

To ease any concerns you may have about my voice, Please take a listen to my YouTube link below, you wont be disappointed:


I look forward to singing happy birthday to that special someone by phone or video. If I get the recipient's answer machine, I will leave the song as a message. I will make the effort to place the call at your requested time.

Please provide the recipient's name, dob, and number, and preferred time to call

Please provide your name as well so that I an give the recipient your name in the message

*Please message me your inquiry before purchasing*

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Happy Birthday Singing Telegram

Sing happy birthday live over phone, vm, or video

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