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create a telegram bot

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Description Basic bot Medium bot Large and interactive bot
  I'll create a simple bot. Can be created using third party services. Perfect for the beginning. Perfect for established influencers. I'll add more functions. I'll edit the third party for you. I'll crete a maximum of 150 commands, plus I'll make it interactive (e.g. Location based commands).
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Seller will upload provided content to pages/blog on your website.
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Seller will add the amount of pages indicated to your website
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About This Gig

I will crete a bot (or you can do it with your account and give me only the token), and I'll integrate it with your wordpress site (I need an account with authorization to install a new plugin).
I will create a menu sistem for your bot, with custom answers for each command.
I will also offer support for 2 months to update the commands and Layouts when there is a update for the plugin. (I'll update the bot in 7 working days or less).
Using Zapier I can automate some task of your bot, like sending regular messages to remember to visit your site.
Iniatial promotion of your bot (if you need it), I'll help you reach your fist users on telegram and I'll explain you how to bring the existing users on the new bot.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you upload it on my server/hosting?
    Yes! I need just an ftp account (which you can delete after my work is finished) with acces to a subfolder where the bot will be installed.
  • Can I use it to forward messages to a Telegram channel?
    Yes, it's very easy, simply you need t add the bot as a admin of the channel and tell me the @_username of the channel. The bot will forward all the broadcast messages to the channel, but people will can interact only with the bot chat not the channel.
  • Which services can you integrate(Forward news from them to the bot/)?
    I can easily integrate it with: twitter, Wordpress, tumblr, instagram (not official supported by instagram), Facebook (ok for pages but not for individual profiles.) and any other RSS feed. Please ask for other services which I didn't nominate.
  • Will you provide some instructions on how to manage the bot?
    Yes I'll provide you a initial guide to the bot, and a Documentation so you can learn how the bot work. If you have some other question I'll respond to them via email, also after the job finish.
  • Can i know how many people use my bot?
    It depends, If your bot will be created using some third party services, then yes. but if your bot will have a lot of customisation and no third party services the user stats will be too resource consuming to integrate on the basic, standard or with the fast delivery options.