I will chart up your market research findings in PowerPoint

chart up your market research findings in PowerPoint
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About This Gig

Want your market research data illustrated in PowerPoint charts by a market research professional?

Not everyone knows how to present market research data in a clear and accurate manner without being misleading. Send me the structured data for market research that you have already carried out. I’ll create charts and graphs from the data, provide an overview analysis, and order the PowerPoint deck in the way that provides the strongest narrative. I have my own standard PowerPoint template, but I’m happy to use your own template if you have one (please bear in mind however that using your own template may take a little more time).

How pricing works

One gig gets you one slide. So if you have 5 questions that you each want to turned into a single slide, it will cost 5 gigs. If you're not sure how much of your data you can fit onto a single chart, message me with me the details of your data, and I will provide an accurate cost.

More about my services

You only need to buy the research gig or gigs that suit your needs, and that will keep your market research spend to a minimum.

You can message me if you wish to discuss this gig or want me to project manage a bespoke custom project.

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