I will translate up to 1000 words from english to bulgarian or vice versa

translate up to 1000 words from english to bulgarian or vice versa
translate up to 1000 words from english to bulgarian or vice versa
translate up to 1000 words from english to bulgarian or vice versa

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  Translate up to 1000 words within a standard Word/Excel or text document. Translate up to 2000 words within a standard Word/Excel or text document. Translate up to 3000 words within a standard Word/Excel or text document.
Seller will proofread, correct and revise the transcribed text
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Hello everybody/ Здравейте всички! :)

I am a native Bulgarian speaker with perfect English skills, gained at a respected Bulgarian Foreign Language School and a Master's degree in English Philology from the University of Veliko Turnovo. For the past 5 years I have been working as a technical translator for a construction company, so I am quite familiar with technical English terminology. My translations include: Translations of documents from/to Bulgarian and English of general, HRM, legal, financial, economic, technical, medical, advertising, scientific texts, as well as website interface translations, computer games and many more.

I use English as a second language everyday, as I am currently working for an English-speaking employer. Thus I can translate from English to Bulgarian and vice versa without any problems. Plus, I have lived 2 years in the U.S.

Please send me your text as a file (.doc .docx .xls .txt, .pptx etc.).

I am sorry, I don't work with scanned PDF files and .jpeg files (namely scanned colourful birth certificates, marriage certificates and so on that clients want to be translated as exact colourful copies of the Bulgarian files).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your charge for my project?
    The service charge will be evaluated on the word count, difficulty degree of translation and deadline. I will quote the final price after I preview the content that needs to be translated. You can get all the information by contacting me in advance.Thank you.
  • I need a translation asap, today, now.... Can you do that? And are you charging extra for it?
    Well, basically yes. But this depends on the length and level of difficulty of your text and on my current order situation. Best way is to contact me beforehand to see if I'm available. And yes, I do charge extra for it. Depending on the word count, between $10 and 20$.
  • Will you maintain the structure and formatting of my file?
    I always keep the structure untouched: - Bold, italic and underlined words; - The font and its size; - The number of paragraphs; - Quotation marks; - Bulleted lists; - Etc.; PDF files sometimes are a bit trickier than the usual, but I will always let you know about that beforehand! :)
  • Are you a native Bulgarian?
    Yes, I am a native Bulgarian. Born and raised in Varna, Bulgaria and therefore not only familiar with Bulgarian grammar/common expressions, but also with Bulgarian culture in order to provide an authentic translation.
  • I have seen translators who offer more words per gig. Why do you charge more?
    I do admit that my rate is not the cheapest, but there is a reason why I am one of the top translators for BG/EN- EN/BG translations on Fiverr with more than 200 positive reviews. My prices are due to my professional background, the high demand of my service, and the quality I provide.
  • How can I be sure I can trust you?
    Everyone claims to be the best on Fiverr but logic tells us that this simply cannot be true for everyone. How can you be sure that my translations are reliable? If you are not sure whether you can trust me or not, trust my customers instead! Have a look at the reviews of 200 happy customers.
  • Do you have a problem translating adult content?
    No, not at all.
  • Do you translate video/audio as well?
    Yes, have a look at my transcribing gig: https://www.fiverr.com/danielanenova/provide-15-minutes-hq-of-bulgarian-audio-or-video?funnel=6ef935e5-d072-4986-bab7-bf7164bfde81