I will compose and record music for your video

compose and record music for your video

About This Gig

I compose and record a music track for your video (or for another purpose of course). As a composer and musician I make a lot of different kinds of music, but for your video I think my inspirational and filmic music will suit you the best. But I'm really open for suggestions! I'm a pianist first and foremost, but also sing (baritone, with or without lyrics), play the saxophone, the accordion and the pipe organ. When I do this type of music I also program a lot of digital instruments, and I cherish the natural quality of the sound. I want it to sound organic, not fake. It's very hard to explain music with words, and either you like my music or not, unregarded what I say. So I think it's just better for you to listen.

An instrumental track, with different types of pianos, and my singing voice:

A song in Swedish, all produced and recorded by me:

An instrumental track, all instruments recorded by me (piano, accordion, tin whistle, voice):

Order Details

Video music

I compose and record music for your video, for exampel for a slideshow or an inspirational message!

  • Up to 120 Seconds
  • 5 Instruments
  • HQ Audio File
7 days delivery 2 Revisions