I will critique your picture book manuscript

critique your picture book manuscript

About This Gig

I will give you a full critique of your picture book with notes in the manuscript, a feedback letter, and comparative titles.

Picture books are a special art form and one of my favorite things is helping writers make their work the best it can be while staying true to their own voice and vision. I will give comments, suggestions, or questions about story elements like opening, character, plot, language, logic, concept, etc. to help you revise.

I welcome the opportunity to help with stories that express diversity. 

"I've had a lot of critiques and I can say Danielle's are top notch."

—Dev Petty, author of I Don't Want to be a Frog, I Don't Want to be Big, and Claymates (2017).

"Danielle is a true picture book expert and someone I trust implicitly with my work."

Carter Higgins, author of Everything You Need for a Treehouse (2017) and This is Not a Valentine (2017). 

If you'd like a quick critique of your revision after your full critique is completed, let me know and I can provide one at $20.


Please feel free to reach out and I can provide a custom offer for something specific like a phone call for story development. 

I deliver within ten days.

I hope to hear from you!

Order Details

10 days delivery

Full Critique

I will give you notes in your manuscript, a personal feedback letter, and comparative titles