I will be your forum admin

be your forum admin

About This Gig

I have work experience with forums and I can help you with managing your forum. I can be an administrator or moderator of your forum.I am ready to perform my daily duties . My rate is $ 10 for 6-7 hours of work in a day ( in Russia 10$ = 793 RUB! Welcome to Russia !)

I worked as a Web Content Manager  and moderator of big online shop. I have ability to do this job with responsibility .

    What I can offer to you ?
- Strong understanding of online communication and online technologies. The ability to foster good relationships with clients and members
- Strong attention to detail 
- Project management experience and effective time management 

Write me if you have a talk! 

Order Details

1 day delivery

forum admin ( 6-7 hours in a day)

forum admin ( 6-7 hours in a day)

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