I will impersonate Charles Barkley for you

Fantastic job and fast delivery. He even added in a couple of extra takes! Very much appreciated! Thanks!
Reviewed by timwack 3 months ago
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This was not 'turrabull' with a capital T. Great job Dan - thank you!
Reviewed by agulovsen 11 months ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bcerecke 11 months ago
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Reviewed by cortexbiz about 1 year ago
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Wow wow wow!!! Very cool thing you did here my friend! This will be a last memory! Very impressed. Even gave me 2 extras...THANK YOU! I wish you all the best!
Reviewed by chrisadam571 over 1 year ago
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Dan is very talented guy and really creative, don't be afraid to let him freelance with your script. Very creative and I highly recommend his services. Extremely easy to deal with.
Reviewed by iubanker over 1 year ago
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Absolutely hysterical! He's got Charles Barkley's humor and voice down. I love it. Amazing!
Reviewed by danasuzanne over 3 years ago
impersonate Charles Barkley for you
impersonate Charles Barkley for you

About This Gig

I will send you a RECORDING of Charles Barkley wishing someone a Happy Birthday or whatever you want him to say. If you want Chuck to improvise based off of some of your facts then please see the gig extras.


The 1st 30 words are $5.

If your script is in between  30 to 60 words its an additional $10.

If it goes over 60 words it is a gig extra of $20.00

Every 60 words is an additional $20.00

Here is a sample of my impersonation of Chuck and the TNT crew: 
Cost $40.00