I will design your engagement or wedding ring

design your engagement or wedding ring
design your engagement or wedding ring
design your engagement or wedding ring

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  I'll send you a high-res 2D jpeg sketch of your engagement or wedding ring I'll send you high-res 2D rendered jpegs (not sketches) at 3 different angles All source files, all angles, in 2D and 3D, and exact measurements for everything
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About This Gig

Answer honestly: How much effort are you putting into making sure your guests enjoy themselves at your wedding - heaps right? You're more worried about them than you are about yourself.

"We can't do beef, we have 85 vegetarians!"

"Mum doesn't like being outside, we'll have to have the ceremony in the gym - no, it'll be fine."

"Sorry babe, my Uncle Steve said he's coming but he refuses to sit with his wife. We have to sit her at the kids' table. I know that throws the numbers off..."

Wait, isn't this about you guys?

So when the dust of the day settles and you're left with the heirlooms you gave to each other as you exchanged your vows, why would you choose an off-the-shelf wedding ring that again, is no reflection of you?

I've designed a number of unique engagement and wedding rings, including mine and my wife's.

They don't match - they're different, just like the two of us. Mine is completely my taste, and I wear it everyday. It's an instant family heirloom I can't wait to pass to my kids. My wife's engagement ring is personal, her taste, and fits perfectly against her wedding ring.

I want that for you. Bring my designs to any jeweller, and they will create something magical for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you make the rings as well?
    Sorry no, I'm not a jeweller... not yet anyway :)
  • How will I know my size?
    If you don't know your size there are ways to work that out, and your jeweller will be able to help with that also.