I will write an excellent article or blog on programming

write an excellent article or blog on programming

About This Gig

I regularly write articles and blog posts on programming, including programming languages, such as, C/C++/C#/Java/D, etc. and general concepts like variables, loops, OOP, etc. I brainstorm ideas very quickly and I love to learn about different programming languages. I have good knowledge of Wordpress/Blogger/Tumblr and I have excellent general writing/editing skills. My site hosts some of my programming articles.

In the recent years, I've gained a lots of experience in developing both closed source and open-source applications in C, C++, D and Python programming language. My interests are in command-line based applications, system administration, string manipulation, file parsing/writing and OpenGL (2.1+) based 3D applications, and recently front-end web designing/development.
Some of my open-source projects have been hosted on Github.

Due to the experience in both niches (writing and programming), I can confidently say that I can write an engaging article/blog on programming for you.

I will write an article of 350-500 words (excluding source code) for $10 (i.e., 2 gigs) and 800-1000 words (excluding source code) for $20 (i.e., 4 gigs). Thank you for taking interest in my gig!

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