About This Gig

**100% Positive Buyer Feedback!** & Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you provide me with a script of 100 words or less, (about 45 seconds) I can create a very believable, intricately spoken and professional video testimonial for you in no later than 8 days. (Typically about 3 to 4) I will get it to you as fast as I can! See my gig extras below if you need help with creating a script OR if your script is OVER 100 words. I can do research and develop a script for you if you don't have one prepared. (with ordered extras) Video files will be sent in .avi/.wmv format unless requested otherwise. Check out my portfolio for more. I know you understand how beneficial a testimonial can be, so I'll give you my best and have it back to you quickly. Enough said! I was only having fun in my intro video, so please don't go. Make sure to see my real work below. I look forward to working with you!