I will give you a fat loss diet plan

give you a fat loss diet plan
give you a fat loss diet plan

About This Gig

After a long hiatus, Daring Diets is BACK on Fiverr!

For $5, we will send you our Aggressive 14-Day Rapid Weight Loss Plan in a PDF format (27 pages)!

What you can expect to find inside:
  • our custom (reusable) 14-day FLASH Diet menu and directions for rapid weight loss
  • food guide
  • recipe ideas
  • short-term and long-term diet strategies (what kind of dieter are you?)
  • tips to help you, before and after, FLASH Dieting

Easy-to-follow and
straight to the point!

The Flash Diet isn’t padded with anonymous testimonials or inspirational quotes and passages, the latest “tips and tricks” or tedious research, references, and theories…

Daring Diets has put together a step-by-step guide on how to lose weight, not in “theory,” but in practice. What does that mean? The Flash Diet is a program and you are an *active participant* - You’re a Daring Dieter! You’ve got your menus, directions, and food list, and you’re all set to start your first “2 Week Challenge.” 

Everything is straightforward and very to-the-point.


  • If you have a medical condition, allergies, or ANY dietary restrictions, we encourage you to consult a physician before starting our program.

Contact us if you have any questions!