I will suck All your Sins and Pains

suck All your Sins and Pains

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  I'll Take all your Sin's Pain 's In me and you'll be free from them This is For Those Who are Suffering a LOT Because of Sins they have caused and want Purification This is For The Serious Matters -- RECOMMENDED FOR ULTIMATE SESSIONS ONLY
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About This Gig

This is the gig for THOSE Who are Seeking for " KARMA SPELL " 

What Karma Spell does is : it tries to convert your negative energies into positive energies which are good but not that powerful 

here is the explanation , 

as the science says , 

energy cann't be created not be destroyed , it can only be converted from one form to another , same way when the spell's being done they convert your negative energy into positive to a extent , 

but if only 5 % remains , it'll be again converted into negative energy and just to over come this is the best METHOD which is used from time to time , 

in this method , 

We inhale the negative energy and keep that energy into a OCEAN of FULL POSITIVE ENERGY and same time Sending you a DIFFERENT TYPE OF TOTALLY CLEANED AND POWERFUL Positive ENERGY which is not only Positive but it's STRONG 

If you have any queries please ask