I will be personal conversational american esl coach

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be personal conversational american esl coach
be personal conversational american esl coach

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Description Basic Conversation Session Standard Conversation Session Custom Client Session
  30 minute audio/video conversation session. Skype/Google Hangouts/WeChat available. 60 minute audio/video conversation session. Skype/Google Hangouts/WeChat available. Business Academics Test Prep Client provides specific objectives and content for session.
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About This Gig

I will instruct/tutor/coach/mentor you to improve your everyday Conversational American English in both profession and social environments including:


  • Assistance in native accent reduction

  • Correct pronunciation

  • Intonation

  • Grammar, spelling, and syntax. 

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Improve your speaking skills and assist you in becoming more comfortable and fluent speaking American English well.

Lessons will also include, at the request of the student, American English slang & idioms and internet text-speak.

Please request a custom offer to order a $5 consultation session to discuss your specific needs or have questions answered regarding packages and upgrade extras.

Gigs are delivered via Skype/Google Hangouts/WeChat. Please pay attention to the "required information" message you receive upon ordering for instructions regarding connecting for delivery.

Please read through FAQ section.

Please note the 29-day delivery window is to allow maximum scheduling allowance to avoid having to cancel a gig when a client needs more time to schedule. Most gigs are scheduled within 7-14 days of order placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I work with you?
    The first step is to order the Basic Gig. This is a consultation appointment that will provide an opportunity for us to discuss your English objectives, appointment content and scheduling.
  • How are Gigs delivered?
    Gigs are delivered via Skype or WeChat audio/video conferencing software programs/apps. When you place your order, you will receive a message with instructions regarding how to connect to me on Skype/WeChat. Please follow these instructions.
  • What are your hours & What about differing time zones and scheduling?
    I am located in the U.S. eastern time zone. I primarily schedule client appointments between 5am-2pm (edt/est) Monday ~ Thursdays. I use www.worldtimebuddy.com to accurately compare time zones when scheduling client appointments.
  • Do you work with ESL clients who are preparing for English only job interviews?
    Yes! I have worked with many people to help them prepare for English only job interviews.
  • Do you work with ESL students to help them prepare for English only academic classes?
    Yes! I have worked with many university students who were preparing to attend English only academic classes. Some of them opt to continue working with me as needed or regularly as they are attending their classes as well.
  • Do you provide a specific curriculum or textbook?
    Generally I do not provide clients with a curriculum or textbook to work from/through. There is a Gig Extra that allows clients to order a custom created curriculum based on their individual objectives and needs.
  • What kind of American English accent do you have?
    I speak with a neutral/standard American English accent. This is also sometimes called the "News Anchors Accent" and essentially means I do not speak with an identifiable accent. My speech is clear and free of any accent that might make it difficult for an ESL learner to understand me.
  • What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?
    Basic Consultation Gig: Scheduling is open and flexible. Gig has a 29 day window to allow for adequate time to reschedule if needed. Regular/Ongoing Clients: 1 hour notice is required for cancellation of an ordered gig. Less than 1 hour notice results in gig forfeiture.
  • What is your experience and education background?
    I have been an ESL consultant, instructor, tutor and coach here on Fiverr for the past 3 years, working with hundreds of clients from all over the world. I am currently earning my TESOL specialization certificate from Arizona State University via Coursera.
  • Do you have experience in Business English/Work Environments?
    Yes! Many of my clients have been and are business professionals who find themselves in need of advanced American English speaking skills. I have successfully worked with people in very large multi-national corporations, people serving in positions in governments and small business owners.