I will be Your Relationship Coach

be Your Relationship Coach

About This Gig

Going through a breakup? Feeling lost, lonely or just need someone to talk to about your love life? I will be your support person and your professional listener.  For the price of $ 5, I will actively listen and support you during a 5-10 minute phone session. You can feel free to vent and to disclose anything that you are feeling. 

If you are in need of more support, you can select a gig extra to have an extended listening and support session.

Disclaimer: This fiverr gig is not a substitute for professional counseling, psychiatric treatment or medication management. This counselor/coach assumes the mental health of the caller and this session will not be use to treat or diagnose any mental health disorders. This is an active listening session and professional interventions will be used to put the caller at ease and encourage "talking" about their feelings. If you are experiencing a true mental health crisis, report to the nearest emergency room, call your local mobile crisis hotline or 911. 

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