I will help You Prep for Your Job Interview

help You Prep for Your Job Interview

About This Gig

This is an exclusive offer! I am a professional life coach, relationship coach and counselor, and here on Fiverr Only, I am offering a discounted career coaching session via phone. In 20 minutes you will tell me the type of job you are interviewing for and I will give your individualized feedback, tips and ways to make a good first impression! If you are an introvert, lack confidence or haven't interviewed in awhile this gig will help you to practice before your big day! We will do a mock interview and I will ask you the 3 most difficult questions interviewers ask and you can practice your responses! 

I wish you the best in your career advancement!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I have to give out my personal phone number? I'm worried about that.
    No I will give you a number to call. You will be given an access pin and you will then connect directly to me!
  • What if I want a longer session ?
    See my gig extra! If you want an extra 15 minutes, It will be $5.00, but we can accomplish a lot in 20 minutes!
  • Will this help me with my confidence?
    When you feel well prepared, you feel more confident. I will give you some tips on how to improve your confidence prior to your job interview, but because I do not know the origin of your lack of confidence, I cannot promise that we can increase your overall confidence in 1 session.
  • What if I don't have a specific job lined up, can you still coach me?
    Absolutely! Tell me the industry that you work in and I can still review with you the questions that most interviewers ask.
  • What are your qualifications?
    I am a professional coach with over 18 years experience working in the mental health field, coaching, lecturing, training, mentoring and supervising. I have also been a hiring manager for more than a decade.
  • What if I have a lot of gaps in my employment history?
    I will work with you to create a response that is best for your particular situation. I would also recommend that you purchase the gig extra "Review Resume" so that I can see if there are some changes that you can make to improve the way you look on paper!