I will draw You as a Coloring Page

draw You as a Coloring Page
draw You as a Coloring Page

About This Gig

Have you ever seen magnificent adult coloring books, as well as well-drawn kids' ones - and thought it would be really cool if you could have a picture of yourself? I mean, who wouldn't want to have a framed, colored, hand-drawn portrait of themselves? It speaks to our egos. And that's cool.

So just send me a good clear photo of yourself and I'll send you a hand-drawn coloring page + copy in case you're not satisfied with how the first one turned out after coloring in.

I will also need your postal address to mail it.

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision

Get Drawn Into a Coloring Sheet

Send me a good head and shoulders photo of you and I will make a line drawing for you to color in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this hand-drawn?
    Yes. I love to draw by hand. I hope to capture your likeness well :)
  • How many revisions will I get?
    Well, to keep from getting the run around, I offer 1 free revision if you don't like the first. And then every revision after that will be an additional charge. That's because it costs me money in time, supplies and postage. I want you to be satisfied :)