I will show you how to take Better Care of your Dog

show you how to take Better Care of your Dog

About This Gig


Dogs are an integral part of human society on every inhabited continent on Earth. They drive livestock and protect it; police property; scent and detect illicit substances; haul sleds; retrieve game; guide the blind; search for and rescue the lost and injured; comfort the lonely; hear for the deaf; or simply add a sparkling natural reality to the lives of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world.
As we move from an agrarian to an urban culture, dogs are in many ways one of our last and most important links with the natural world.

If you are a (future) pet owner, the information in this gig will help to offer good care to your pet and also give you solutions for unresolved problems.

You will learn about:

  • Health and Health Insurance
  • Grooming and Clipping
  • Vaccinating, Spaying and Neutering
  • Fleas and Other Parasites
  • Dental Care, Feeding and Vitamins
  • And much more...

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Dog Basics